I feel that it is a huge responsibility to sustain and build on the legacy of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) - the oldest and most reputed business school of the country. While IBA was the lone provider of contemporary business education in the country for almost three decades since its inception in 1966, it is encouraging to see a good number of quality providers of business education both in the public and private sector are now also in the picture to cater for the aspirations of an escalating number of prospective students.

To remain in the forefront of the business education in this region at this moment of time, we are emphasizing on internationalization of our program through global collaboration, and accreditation. Simultaneously, we are working on the infrastructural development to ensure the state of the art facilities for our students.

We are proud of our alumni and their accomplishments that are making significant contribution in the corporate, government and other sectors at home and abroad. To achieve our goals as a major regional provider of business education and research, we need continued support of our alumni and the corporate houses.

Professor Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid
E-mail : director@iba-du.edu