IBA Sports Club (IBASC):

As the premier business school of the country, IBA has always been supportive of sporting activities and encouraged its students to participate in various sports and recreational activities in order to create a healthy and active student community. IBA Sports Club has been functioning as the main platform for coordinating and hosting all sporting activities at IBA in a well-organized manner.

Since its inception, IBA students have been successfully participating in different inter-batch, inter-department and inter-university tournaments and making great contribution to the glorious stature of IBA. Most recent achievement includes - clinched the ‘Runners Up’ trophy in the Inter-Department Basketball Championship of Dhaka University for the last two years. It has also been a long tradition in IBA to hold various Intra-IBA sports tournaments every year. Taking part in these sport activities is a great way of having fun, keeping fit and celebrating the IBA spirit through friendly competition among both existing and former students. Participation in such activities also enhances and promotes the element of good sportsmanship and gives students an opportunity to take part in the responsibility sharing and leadership building process.

With a new and dynamic committee, IBASC’s sole aspiration is to promote sports and create awareness amongst students to integrate sports into their daily routine in addition to IBA’s enriched academic, cultural and social life.