Management Development Program (MDP)

The Management Development Program of the Institute is geared towards helping individual managers and organizations augment their management development efforts. The services provided by the program include management trainings, seminars, workshops and executive forums.

The following courses are regularly been offered by MDP:

Six-Month Program

ACBA: Advanced Certificate in Business Administration

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Six-Week Courses:

AFNA: Accounting For Non-Accountants

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CBSI: Competitive Business Strategy & Innovation

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FNM: Finance For Non-Finance Managers

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HRMC: Human Resource Management Competencies

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LCMC: Leadership Certificate in Managerial Communication

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MCFM: Marketing Competencies For Managers

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Four-Week Course:

MSSP: Marketing Skills For Service Professionals

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RMC: Relationship Marketing Competencies

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DMC: Digital Marketing Competencies

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Two-Day (Weekend) Short Courses

Credit Risk Management  Course Brochure

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)  Course Brochure

Leadership & Change Management  Course Brochure

Sales & Salesmanship Excellence  Course Brochure

Supply Chain Management  Course Brochure

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